About ARM-CC

Solutions in Engineering is the trusted name in Strata Compliance, celebrating over 30 years of service to the industry. Our newly developed Contractor Compliance Management Program, ARM, ensures speedy and accurate results for every compliance check. Our service provides that:
  • All contractor information obtained is stored electronically in an online database that contractors and clients have 24 hour access to. IMPORTANTLY all expiry dates for licenses and insurances are tracked and update requests sent to contractors prior to expiry.
  • Possible changes in contractor’s statuses will be notified to yourself before expiration to allow you to make the right decision about engaging the best contractor.
  • You can rest assured that ARM has a research team that tracks all changes to legislation so we know what exactly a contractor should be complying with.
  • All compliance information uploaded by contractors is visually checked and verified before compliance tick is given.
  • Our 30 years of WH&S expertise means we can properly assess a contractor’s safety knowledge and compliance.

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