Dodgy Contractors
You simply cannot afford to use them!

Your new contractor compliance system means less workload - it's easy!

With large fines and well defined WH&S obligations, getting the right contractors to complete your work is essential. Now you can take the hassle and risk out of engaging compliant contractors using a seamless online service customised for you.

Why do you need it?

When engaging contractors to do any work, you take a risk, a risk that only becomes apparent when something goes wrong. Under your common law duty of care and the Workplace Health and Safety laws, when you engage contractors you take on responsibility for the safe practices of that contractor and their employees.
With the threat of common law duty of care claims, $3 million Workplace Health and Safety fines and five year jail terms, you cannot afford to get contractor compliance wrong.
To manage the compliance of your contractors you have three options:-
  1. Hire them, don’t check and take the risk that they are not fully licensed, appropriately insured and Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) compliant; or
  2. Expend your own resources checking all your contractors are compliant; or
  3. Outsource contractor compliance to ARM

You can look at each option and weigh them up:-

1. Ignore it - You could choose to ignore contractor compliance but most people do not see this as an option. Why? Individuals as well as companies can both be liable when things go wrong. There is a massive two fold risk, you have your common law duty of care responsibilities and WHS law requirements. When you engage contractors you take on responsibility for the safe practices of the contractor and their employees.

2. In-House - Doing it in-house can work but is it your core business or is it a distraction? Whilst you are focusing on contractor compliance, what projects aren’t being done? What opportunities are you missing? It is a time consuming task requiring you to keep up to date with legislation, tracking dates of expiry, verifying compliance evidence and developing a deep knowledge of WH&S requirements.

This is a non-core task that takes your staff away from the main focus of your operations. There is also the risk if something is missed and/or something goes wrong that you are liable either in fines from the government regulator or litigation claims against you and your insurance - that is if you are covered!

3. Outsourcing makes sense for these reasons:-

  • It outsources much of your compliance risk
  • It allows your resources to stay focused on other projects and opportunities
  • You are assured that contractors are providing proof of compliance including:-
    • Trading, name entity and ABN
    • Licenses associated with entity
    • Insurance details
    • WH&S compliance and systems
  • Expiry dates for licenses and insurances are automatically tracked and update requests are sent prior to expiry.
  • You can instantly check the compliance of a current contractor or request a new contractors compliance status online.

How do we monitor and manage compliance?

All contractor information obtained is stored electronically in an online database that contractors and clients have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • IMPORTANTLY all expiry dates for licenses and insurances are tracked and update requests are sent to contractors prior to expiry.
  • ARM has a research team that tracks all changes to legislation so we know each contractors compliance requirements and obligations. These requirements change constantly.
  • All compliance information uploaded by contractors is validated by out Compliance Team before a status of compliance is granted.
  • Our 28 years of WH&S expertise means we can properly assess a contractors Safety knowledge and compliance.

How do you access compliance information?

  • By accessing our live online list of all your contractors.
  • By exporting and importing contractor lists which are compatible with a range of Strata Management Software.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Provide us with a list of all your contractors.

Step 2 – We contact your contractors and obtain all their compliance information. Your contractors can also upload their compliance details online for verification.

Step 3 – All information such as insurance and licenses are verified against the certificates of currency and other compliance documents that are supplied by the contractor.

Step 4 - You can use our live online system or we can provide contractor compliance data in a custom format.

For more information please contact us by email or call 1300 136 036.